by Amy Lobb

by Amy Lobb

by Kim Lobb

by Kim Lobb

Amy Lobb

Hi and thanks for taking an interest in my portraiture work!

My name is Amy and I've chose a career as a freelance photographer. I grew up in Victoria BC and spent a lot of my winters and summers in Whistler. After high school, I moved back and forth between the two towns - Victoria so I could complete my child development psychology degree and Whistler so I could have the best outdoor playground!

In my early 20s, I explored photography as a hobby before beginning to assist a local professional. I realised I wanted to learn a lot more about this craft and industry, so I packed up and moved to Melbourne Australia. I received a photography degree from RMIT University in 2011, then stayed in Melbourne for another 3.5 years in order to work in the industry.

At the end of 2015, I moved back to Whistler where I worked on my photography and unexpectedly got into work at the Whistler animal shelter. At the beginning of 2018, my partner and I decided to make a change and move to Vancouver Island to start our future dreams of owning our own farm. I am readily available for jobs in Victoria, across Vancouver Island, Vanouver, and the Sea-to-Sky corridor. I am willing to travel worldwide for my photography.

Getting to know my photography:

  • want to keep everything quite natural and organic - no over posing

  • prefer to use predominately natural light sources

  • love to work outdoors

  • want you to have fun and gain a memory you can hold onto for years to come!

"I want to provide [my clients] with memories that they can hold onto for years: a face or a place that takes them back. Back to wherever they want to go. Perhaps to a time they had forgot about. Perhaps to a place that is yet to be discovered. I just hope my viewers feel something and go to another place in their minds when they look at my photos. I hope I can provide you with a piece/memory/snippet to cherish and look back on fondly." (taken from blog post)

Getting to know me:

  • I've travelled to 30 countries (and don't think that's nearly enough)

  • my dogs are my bosses

  • as of 2019, I will also own my own organic farm business

  • I love handwritten notes and letters

** I also photograph fashion and adventure lifestyle. If you are interested in this part of my work, please visit . Photographic prints will soon be available for purchase on this site.